Ethical Issues With Personalized Medicine

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Sequencing the human genome and interpreting the biomarkers have tremendously increased the field of medicine. Personalized medicine merges a patient’s genotype, physiology, and their predicted outcome to create a plan specialized for their condition this can include pharmaceuticals that are specially made for a particular set of nucleotide bases in DNA (Patel et al., 2013). Patients have legal rights to decide whether or not their health information is kept private (Ghosh, 2012). The issue with personalized medicine is it is unknown if a person’s genetic makeup should also be protected under these same privacy laws. A person’s genes have a great impact on their health and certain genotypic risks can be extracted from this type of information. If a person has opted to acquire a genetic test to determine if they have a genetic predisposition to a disorder, does it also give the right for their results to be automatically commit them into submitting their data into a library where the information is used to diagnose other patients?

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