Using Technology Into Your Elementary Music Classrooms Essay

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Teachers are starting to use technology more in classrooms to have several options for learning tools to advance learning. Teachers have been frequently using technology to improve themselves, such as connecting with their students through technology.

The main audiences are teachers, students, and parents. The audiences can help change the way the students are learning inside the classroom. For example, when I was in middle school, my parents went to every parent conference with my teachers and ‘coffee with the principle’, a meeting with the principle with other parents to talk about the changes in the classrooms and on the school campus. In the article, “Integrating Technology Into Your Elementary Music Classrooms” Amy M. Burns explains that she started to use technology in a music classroom, but she was skeptical about how effective it will the students. Before Amy introduced the program to her students, she tried out the program herself by trying every exercise herself. Amy stated, “Technology is used every day in our way of life and to adopt music technology into the elementary music classroom means that you are reaching the students on another level.” If teachers find something about what their students enjoy and make it as a learning tool, students will be interested in learning the course.

Why is it Important for Teachers to Improves Kids’ Learning?

Elementary students should fix their learning habit at a young age. The most talked about in school is…

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