Using Leaded Fuel For Vehicles Essay

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Products made with this recycled lead find their way to international markets and industrialized countries (AAAS, 2013). Some countries still use leaded fuel for vehicles and thusly have an increase in the BLL in the population (GLASS, 2014). With the use of lead in industrialized countries and lack of regulation or protection in developing countries, the problem of lead exposure is a worldwide concern.
National Issue
Lead exposure damage effects the population of the United States. With median BLL of 1.6 mcg/dL, America has rates better than many countries and populations across the world (GLASS, 2014). The median BLL in US children, aged 1-5, decreased 93% from 15 mcg/dL in 1976 to 1.0 mcg/dL in 2012 with the fastest decline seen in 1970-1990 following prohibitions on leaded gasoline and residential paint (EPA, 2015; Home Safe, 2013). The continuing declines of BLL are from concentrations on lead-based paint remaining in homes (EPA, 2015; EPA, 2016). When looking at EPA median BLL based on race and income, Blacks in all income categories have higher levels (2015). Blacks in the category of all incomes had a BLL median of 1.4 mcg/dL compared to the BLL of all other races in the same category of 1.0 mcg/dL (EPA, 2015). Median BLL of children of all races in households with incomes below poverty of 1.2 mcg/dL compared to income at or above poverty of 0.9 mcg/dL, meaning that lower income families are at a higher risk than above poverty families (EPA, 2015). This could be due…

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