Advantages Of Using HGH In Sports Cheating

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Is using HGH in Sports Cheating?
In discussion of HGH, one controversial issue as using been being is HGH in sports cheating? On the one hand, some people argue that using HGH in sports is cheating because it gives the person an advantage to gaining muscle, running faster, and getting stronger without putting in the time. On the other hand, some people contend that using HGH in sports is not cheating. Because if it is hard for you to gain muscle or get stronger, it will compete with other athletes that are bigger than you. My own view is that “Using HGH in sports is considered cheating” because it’s not fair to others that put in time to get stronger, faster and are trying to be a great athlete.
Those unfamiliar with this train of thought may
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And HGH can harm an athlete instead of helping an athlete in recovering from an injury. And like most people say is you really don’t need HGH because your body already produces it and taking in more than you need can lead up to serious damage to your insides of your body.
Most people claim that HGH is the same as using steroids because when using HGH you have an advantage than others not taking HGH. When people use HGH they increase in muscle size and they can lose weight and get stronger. And people using HGH can work out longer than others which means that they have more stamina and that’s how they can grow muscles and get leaner. Scientists theory of HGH is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem of “Is Using HGH in sports cheating?” like scientist of sports and exercise reviewed the research on HGH and got solid evidence on increase in body mass, decreased body fat, increased bone density and an increase in protein synthesis. And with these performances it shows that taking HGH is considered
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But it is far less used in endurance sports, where EPO has been favored because it increases one’s oxygen carrying capacity and thus stamina.
Excess HGH in the body can cause acromegaly, which is a disease where your hands get bigger in appearance. And your facial bones start to get bigger and your face starts to change the shape of it. Your jaw gets larger and your eyebrows become more prominent. And your tongue gets larger and your skin becomes rough and oily. Your heart, liver and kidneys will also become larger which leads to life threatening problems. One is which cardiomyopathy, which is a disease of the heart muscle. There is a chance that you can increase the risk of getting cancer due to abnormal growth cells.
Athletes that use HGH can pass the test for it because HGH occurs naturally in the body, which makes hard to see what is produced regardless of outside interference and what is an administrated dose. And it is almost impossible to set a blood level of HGH that would be considered unnaturally high and indicative of doping. Levels of natural HGH can vary by more than one hundred fold in response to factors such as nutritional state, sleep and

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