Using Deconstructive Criticism to Analyze an Advertisement for Newport Cigarettes

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The average American is exposed to an estimated number of about two-hundred fifty to five hundred advertisements in a single day. As unrealistic as the statistic seems, it is because most people are not often aware of the companies attempt to expose their products through an advertisement to the consumers unless it is one that is personally appealing to themselves. An advertisement is used to grab the attention of the audience by means of television, radio, internet, billboards, magazines, and newspapers. Through the use of media, the advertisers usually create the advertisement to persuade the audience to take an action after viewing the advertisement or they use the advertisement to manipulate the audience into believing their product is …show more content…
Analyzing the advertisement further, there are many contradicting traits that are seen in the advertisement. Smoking cigarettes is responsible for 85% of all deaths from lung cancer and it has been declared the number one avoidable cause of death in society today. Not only are cigarettes one of the most lethal products around, but they are also one of the most addictive. It has been stated the nicotine in cigarettes is as addictive as heroin and cocaine. Smoking cigarettes is bad for anybody and the advertisement even states in small print in the bottom left corner that "These cigarettes do not present a reduced risk of harm compared to other cigarettes". If these cigarettes are not any better than other cigarettes than why is it being advertised as pleasurable? The product may have a short term effect of relieving tension, but Newport cigarettes just like any other cigarettes will not make the consumer feel happy or pleasurable in the long term. The addiction from the nicotine will not make the consumer feel any fun, happiness, or pleasure; instead, the consumer will feel dread and dependency toward the product. If a consumer smokes the Newport cigarette, they will most likely not want to have a slice of cake afterward. They may want to have a beverage to moisten their throat again though. If a consumer smokes the cigarette, they will

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