Us Elections 2016 : How America Will Change Essay

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US Elections 2016. How America will change
US presidential election is one of the most important elections in the world, this is because America is the most powerful nation on earth. This means whoever the US citizens decide to elect as their next president, automatically will be the head of government and also will be the commander in chief of the largest military in the world. This makes it a big responsibility to American people because they have to decide wisely on the most appropriate candidate to take office. Therefore the policy and strategies of the elected US presidents in the past have always had either a direct or indirect impact on the US as well as the rest of the world and Donald Trump Jr’s victory in the recently held presidential election will be no exception.
Donald Trump - 45th President of the USA. How America will change within the next 4 years
Since Donald trump Jr announced his bid for the US presidency, he was always unlike other candidates. His campaigns have been seen to be totally different compared to those of other US presidents who have campaigned in the past, in that, he promised to make America great again and he continued to give suggestions like building a wall to stop illegal immigrants and also discouraging or stopping imports by imposing tariffs. Though many of his thoughts were not politically correct and some were unconstitutional, they are said to represent more of what American public wants to happen.
With Donald Trump’s election as…

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