Essay about Urban Vs. Urban Center

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The term ‘Urban’ is defined differently in various countries in the world making it a challenge to compare one urban Centre to another (Moor & Warah, 2009). The varying definition of the term is slightly shadowed by the common characteristic that is distinct in all these regions referred to as urban. The rate of population in these regions globally is growing at an alarming rate. This results to an ever increasing percentage of the rate of urbanization annually, all over the world (9). Urban centers, cities and even suburbs can be referred as being cosmopolitan in terms of race, ethnicity and even religious convictions of people. However, they can be classified in various categories of social classes depending on their financial muscle; upper, middle and lower class (Macionis & Parillo, 2016).
The large gap between the rich and the poor expands day in day out and the time of bridging in it is infinity. The rich live in a separate neighborhood away from the poor with their neighbors being people who are equally rich as evidenced in Children of Heaven. The children from these well-up families grow up away from the glaring eye of their poor age mates. Chances of them meeting are minimal since there is nothing in common that they get to share. Schools are different where the well-up families take their children to high end institutions and in most cases are driven to school.
On the other hand, the poor study in dilapidated buildings, kilometers away from their households where…

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