Untimely Deaths: The Heart Of My Father's Family

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Doris is sitting at the dining room table of the complexes she manages in Milwaukee, telling a five year old, "go to the stove." As the girl follows the request, she is then told to fetch the plastic cutting board and bring it to her. The seemingly rigid woman asks with a stern voice if the little girl knows what it is used for. The girl shakes her head no; promptly she says, "It is for children who do not listen." This becomes the impression forever embedded in her memory as this is their first time meeting. I was that little girl. Ronald and Doris were the heart of my father 's family, but to me, they were strangers. Due to my age at the time and having never been raised around my father or his family, this is the only memory I have of them. Since April we have …show more content…
Due to these recent deaths there was the possibility it would provoke more accurate memories of these two individuals ' deaths and simultaneously how their deaths impacted everyone 's life as the feelings of loss is fresh. And so, I set forth to find out who these people were, what life was like with them and what life has been like beyond Doris 's death in 2005. Visiting the home of my great uncle and aunt, I ask them to describe my grandparents. As I sit there in the living room, I am told of the fond memories they have of the two and how my aunt misses her best friend. My uncle describes his brother as a "good, quiet kid," "a little guy," and "independent." "His nickname growing up was Sunshine, for he was always smiling, and Doris; she was gregarious; and not ALWAYS smiling, cus she had a temper!," said by my aunt; followed by both her and my uncle chuckling. They reminisce of the good old days and how my uncle

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