Universal Advertising : Efficient Or Ineffective? Essay

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Universal Advertising: Efficient or Ineffective?

Images and advertisements put forth to an audience must have strategic planning behind them. The most difficult part of this process is to convey the meaning that the producer intended to the viewer(s). This consistency can only be successful if the image is universally interpretable, meaning that the image must align with the views of all different people of varying backgrounds. Naturally, this is no easy task; there are three separate ways an image can be interpreted. Ideally, the dominant reading is conveyed to the viewer – that is, the message that the producer was trying to put forth. However, sometimes there is a conflict between what the producer intends to communicate and what the viewer takes from the image. This is called oppositional reading. And finally, if there is a partial discrepancy between the intended meaning and the interpreted meaning, this is known as the negotiated reading. Although some large companies choose to employ global advertising campaigns, this type of worldwide advertising is not as effective as smaller, more specifically targeted approaches because there is often a discrepancy between what the producer intends to relay, and what the consumer actually interprets from the advertisement. Our world is very diverse and with the multitude of cultures and backgrounds, it’s nearly impossible to guarantee that every individual, let alone group, would perceive the dominant reading within an…

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