United States Immigration Problem

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Immigration, is it a problem? For some countries yes it is a major problem. Immigrants are also a problem across the globe and in a few countries they are a problem that is unmanageable. Illegal immigrants are a significant dilemma across the world but, in the United States immigration has gotten to the point where there are more immigrants in the U.S than anywhere in the world. The main area that the U.S has problems with immigrants is its one thousand nine hundred and fifty five mile long border with Mexico. While others cross the United States northern border with Canada, that isn’t as guarded as the Mexican border but is still managed. Illegal immigrants from around the world cross these borders into America daily, mainly
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Many state governments have started to deal with immigration on their own and even some locals have rallied and created their own groups to patrol the border and capture any illegals, then turn them into the authorities, but sometimes their tactics lead to violence.
One solution that has been criticized is helping immigrant to legalize their status in the U.S, but this is seen as amnesty for lawbreakers and with that comes many people who believe that immigrants are lawbreakers, but they commit crimes in the same way as regular citizens and as often as them as well.
Birthright citizenship is one way many immigrants gain their citizenship, this way is seen by many as an easy way in for illegals and some have asked for the elimination of birthright citizenship but this is also protested because many immigrants enter the states already pregnant and see birthright citizenship as a life line for their children, yet others say they use their children as an anchor to gain citizenship as well which all they have to do is wait until their children are twenty one to apply for citizenship instead of going through the long naturalization process.
This is the main reason so many immigrants like birthright citizenship it is a fast and easy way to gain their

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