United Nations Declaration Of Human Rights Essay

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For many years people from various countries have been seeking refuge in Australia. Many have been turned away and many have been accepted into Australian society. During this process refugees are put into a refugee detention centre, the treatment of refugees while in these centres is what this essay will discuss. Is it ethical? What actually happens behind closed walls? Are these refugees even illegal?
Asylum seekers are primarily affected by war, unrest, violence and human rights abuse, not domestic policies in refugee-hosting countries. Most people do not wish to leave their homes, families, friends and everything they know and hold close. They flee, because of a need to escape persecution. Asylum seekers are running away, not running to. Their desire for safety for themselves and their families is immediate and they will do whatever it takes to achieve that. Like a speeding ambulance, asylum seekers are exempt from the usual application of the law because they are in an emergency situation (Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, 2014).
The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, promotes the principle of non-refoulment and that anyone has the right to seek asylum from persecution. Many refugees seeking safety in Australia may be seen as illegal as they come here without a visa. Reasons for this are that a person who is fleeing their country because of persecution by their government, might not be able to obtain a passport from officials in that country. Therefore, they may…

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