Unit 4222-319 Essay example

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Unit 4222-319 Facilitate person centred assessment, planning, implementation and review (HSC 2020)

Outcome 1

As a support worker, it is imperative that we look at all aspects of health and social care with a holistic approach when planning and provision is concerned. Holistic means looking at a situation as a whole and not just part of it.

We need to establish that we look at how all aspects of a PWS life will affect their care needs and it is important that we as support workers look beyond what is visible to them when we meet them for the first time.

When I first met our PWS, he was lying on his beanbag laughing and smiling at me, but I had to look at the key principles and the person centred planning surrounding his
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In previous times a ‘deficit model’ was operated. This was a tool used to provide a service based on what xx is unable to do.

A person centred approach is more about identifying his strengths and building on them. This in turn will provide his independence and the encouragement that he needs to do as much as possible for himself.

Once these outcomes are identified and decided it can be easier to see what xx can do for himself. What can be done through those involved in his life, and what additional paid support is required.

Outcome 3

There are many factors that affect the outcomes that the PWS want to achieve and their support. The following factors possibly will have an influence on their individual hopes and dreams:

* Employment (not in our PWS case) * Health * Education * Social issues * Religion and culture * Risks * Availability of accessible services

xx has massive health needs, which has impacted severely on his health needs and development. Experiences within his life have been affected, but he has adjusted well to his limited level of ability.

xx is unable to work and be employed. His education has been somewhat limited due to the nature of his disability and it is not know whether he can read. He uses very limited makaton as a form of communication.

The social factors in which has lived can have a profound effect in the way he lives his life. The social circumstances surrounding xx and his

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