Essay about Unit 4222 301 Communication

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Unit 4222-301 Promote communication in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings (SHC31)

Outcome 1 understand why effective communication is important in the work setting
1. Communication is the most important part to understanding and being understood. It is vital for our survival and used in every day of our lives, from the moment we are born. Talking, shouting, crying, reading, writing, seeing, listening, using body language, expressions (e.g. smiling, frowning), gestures and signs are just some of the means by which we communicate.

We communicate with each other to try and reach our goals in life, whether physical or emotional. Communication allows us to convey information, thoughts, moods (e.g. happiness,
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2.4 It is important to respond to an individual’s reaction when communication because it show to them that you are listing and that you and supporting them in the conversation. Also it build up the trust that you have and they know that they can come and talk to you again, and if they are in pain or have done something wrong it’s important to reinsure them, calm them down and act on what the service user has asked for.

Outcome 3 be able to overcome barriers to communication

1. Communication can be a bit different when using it with people from different backgrounds. Communication can be interpreted in different ways by lots of people, this is because they may not speak the language you do, or if they are from a different country, or they may not understand you. This may also be a barrier to communication. Other people may think that if they’re being listened to, they will express their beliefs and their opinions about life.
Different people from other backgrounds may use verbal communication to communicate what they think, however they could also use non-verbal communication to put their point across.
Communication can be used in so many different ways. Children/ services users from different backgrounds can communicate by doing what they know best. i.e. they could use body language and facial expressions to express their needs.
Practitioners may use pictures and body language to show the parents/carers/patience’s that

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