Unit 1. Lab 1. Data on Fixed Line vs Cellular Debate Essay

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Cell phones that have limited coverage areas aren't dependable. As long as you use your cell phone in a large city where there are plenty of cell phone towers it should work correctly. However, this isn't always the case, for there are plenty of ways the radio signals can be disturbed or blocked, especially if you are too far away from a tower. This means that, one of the cons of using a cell phone instead of a landline is, they are less dependable.
Landline phones work everywhere, but cell phones don't. Owners of a house that has a metal roof will never replace their landline with a cell phone because the cell phone won't work inside their house. The metal seems to block the signals. Landline phones work everywhere, but cell phones have
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Does the cost of your landline plan include voice mail and caller ID? Does your cell phone plan require a multi-year contract commitment? If so, what is the cost of ending your contract? How much time do you spend talking on the phone, and when do you make your calls? Some providers offer free incoming calls, or free nights and weekends, but those aren’t helpful if you make lots of outbound calls during business hours. Some now even offer unlimited. How many people will use the phone? If you have a large family, you can ensure that everyone has a cell phone by using a family plan, but the cost of a family plan can greatly exceed the cost of a single residential line.
People who prefer cell phones often have very different lifestyles than people who prefer landlines. As you decide whether to switch to a cell, ask yourself: Do you want to be in the phone book? If so, you’ll need a landline. Do you want to be easy to reach? Many people prefer to use cell phones because it allows them to be available to family and clients even when they’re traveling. On the other hand, some people like to limit their availability to reduce stress. Will you remember to charge your cell phone battery? If an emergency arises and your battery is dead, you’ll have trouble dialing

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