Unhealthy Eating Habit Essay

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Healthy eating habit is very essential in each and every kid’s life to live a healthy lifestyle. To be in a good health certain things can be done like eating good foods which contains proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals (Riley, M. 2005). One of the health problems caused to kids because of eating unhealthy foods is Diabetes. Diabetes is a serious disease or health problem that occurs when the body has difficulty in regulating the quantity of dissolved sugar or glucose in the blood stream (Evert, J. 2010). In other words diabetes is caused when the insulin in the body is not working in the way it should work or when the body is not able to produce insulin. (Oleskewicz,C. C. 2015).Mostly kids are exposed to these foods because of parents allowing them to make their own choices. (Medicine Net.com, 2015). So this essay will mostly focus on how unhealthy eating habit causing diabetes in kids. However, now one of a serious concern or issue is that our eating habits are affecting our health. Also, It has been believed that eating too much of junk foods leads to health issues in kids life. In addition, Children who are overweight or obese have more danger of causing these health problems than their colleagues who keep a healthy weight by eating healthy foods. (Roth.E, 2012). The two main types of diabetes which children’s have …show more content…
It was the only diabetes that kids and young adults caused once. However, now kids are causing diabetes because of type 2 even. (Oleskewicz,C 2015). Eating candy and other foods which is sugary can contribute lots of calories and lead to overweight and it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes in kids. Type 2 diabetes occurs when blood levels of glucose or sugar become constantly high and makes blood sugar level rise. So it seems logical that eating candies, cookies or unhealthy eating habits cause diabetes to kids. (Wait, M.

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