Unfair Discrimination : The Emmett Till Case, And Tom Robinson From The Atrocious Treatment Of Blacks

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Unfair Discrimination Legal systems are classified as fair and equal to all citizens today, but looking back at past cases such as the dreadful Emmett Till case, and Tom Robinson from “To Kill a Mockingbird” things have really taken a leap from the atrocious treatment against blacks . Legal systems were one of the main bumps in the road when it came to discrimination against blacks. Whether it was a small case, or a huge case things in court always seemed to go in favor of white people. Some say white people just always had that unfair advantage, but it is something people will never know without living in the 30s through the 60s, with major segregation. During this time period court would have a separate place for black people to sit, away from the white people. Normally, courtrooms had a balcony, they called the “Colored Balcony,” which was where all the black folks were to sit if they wished to hear the trial. The Emmett Till case is one of the most famous, and gut wrenching black vs. white cases in our history. Emmett Till was a fourteen year old boy from Chicago, who went on a train to stay with relatives near Money, Mississippi. He made it there and helped work on the farm. He had a very good first few days, picking cotton, shooting off fireworks, and swimming in snake infested ponds. One evening five of Emmett’s relatives and friends all decided to go into town to “Bryant’s Grocery and Meat Market.” Once there, Emmett bought two pieces of bubble gum and as he was…

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