Unemployment Is A Social Problem Essay

1605 Words Dec 1st, 2015 null Page
Some may ask is unemployment actually a social problem? The answer is and always will be most definitely yes. The rate of unemployment has played a huge part in the affect in our society. Unemployment leads to people being homeless, and hungry. When you aren’t able to provide food for your family or yourself, social services come into play and provide for you enough to get you by and live off of. Our government is continually providing for the homeless and unemployed and extending benefits for them when they are looking past the fact that they could not be even looking for a job or any other ways then to live off what is given to them through the government. Millions of people in this country are unemployed and I am not saying that none of them look for a job or other ways to support themselves because most do but there are that very few that don’t. The main point is that society over all is a social problem and the fact that unemployment has to do with the people in our society it is known to be a largely attended social problem. This doesn’t just come back to the fact that people aren’t looking for jobs but the fact that there aren’t job openings because of other reasons which bring another type of social problem into play and that is illegal immigration. Being unemployed doesn’t only effect the one person that actually is unemployed but it also effects the people that have jobs, and that are bringing in money for their families. Having all the unemployment in the country…

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