Minimum Wage Essay

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The federal minimum wage for a worker with health insurance coverage the employer, the hourly rate is $7.25. For a worker without medical coverage, the rate is $8.25 an hour. The minimum wage is automatically replaced with the Federal minimum wage rate if it is higher than the State minimum wage rate. Congress proposal their most ambitious for a wage increase, the $15 wage bill. It would be more than double the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. In the 2013 State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama called for an increase to $9, a figure he later bumped up to $10.10. Even at $8.25 an hour it is still not enough to pay for the expenses in life. Many employees want to raise the minimum wage, but we also have to remember …show more content…
With the federal minimum wage in mind, they will just continue to search for a job that gives them the minimum wage not knowing that many small business or shops can’t afford to pay that amount. Large business requires a degree and experiences to earn a salary that might be enough to pay for the cost of living. Raising the minimum will just make the situation worse for the people who really need the money. The rich will continue to find ways to cut down on paying their workers. Some employers might just fire the old employee that earns a high salary and replace them with a young college intern who is willing to earn less. This process might just repeat when they find someone who is willing to pay less to do the job. The old employees will just end up having to look for another job or have no jobs at all. Many workers at the age of 35 and older have a harder time finding new jobs after they are fired because of their age and their ability to learn is lower than younger workers. Other companies might refuse to hire new employees because they rather keep the old workers and save time on training new trainee. Raising the minimum wage will just make the job market harder to find

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