Understanding Values And Norms Expected Of Me As An Employee At Mcdonald 's

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Sociological Imagination Essay: Am I supposed to be “lovin it”?
In this paper, I will use the sociological imagination to connect my personal experiences of being a Crew Member at McDonald 's to everyday social interaction, culture, and society. The topics I will be exploring involve understanding values and norms expected of me as an employee at McDonald 's as well as using Goffman 's theories of impression management and Dramaturgy. I will examine the roles that I am expected to play with other characters which could be my co-workers or my customers themselves. All of these concepts are part of the logic that is the basis of the current social construction that we agree with, and have maintained today.
Throughout my six month employment at Mcdonald 's I 've realized how the world I live in is such a small setting. Everyday before I go to work, I mentally prepare myself for the possibility of being yelled at, belittled and even the possibility of dealing with racism. Everything is set up in the way of a social construction. We are expected to follow these rules and exceed customer 's expectation or face being put down yelled at degraded. In order to play this role, you have to figure out and understand where you fit into this system. As a young Latina, you quickly learn. We already know how the world thinks of Mcdonald 's workers. We see it in their eyes. We see it in their body language. We see it on social media, even worse we hear them say it. There 's an unspoken…

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