Understanding Teachers ' Perspectives On Teaching And Learning

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To commence with, there are many ways how teachers are using the learning perspective in their classrooms. An instance would be when they decide what ways they should introduce new information to the students and ensuring that the students do learn and understand the information. Along with that, teachers also find solutions to problems that they see the students face in their classrooms and they find it necessary to solve it because of the great impact it can do for both the student(s) and the teacher. There are two articles that give information on how teachers and students interact with each other and the different techniques teachers are provided to assist them in their teachings. The two articles that were found are: Understanding Teachers’ Perspectives on Teaching and Learning: A Synthesis of Work in Five Study Sites, and Theories of Learning. These both articles provide different insights of the lives of both teachers and students and it is intriguing to know more about them because it makes you understand what all goes through a teacher’s mind. It is mentioned in both articles that the student does not just learn inside school, but also outside, for example, via friends and community. It states that “for thousands of years, philosophers and psychologists have sought to understand the nature of learning, how it occurs, and how one person can influence the learning of another person through teaching and similar endeavours”, and those philosophers have come to a…

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