Understanding National Culture And How Relevant Is Important Essay

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1.- Introduction 3
2.- Approaches to National Culture 4
2.1.- Hall’s Context Culture Model (180) 4
2.2.- Hofstede 's Cultural Dimensions Theory 5
2.3.- Trompenaars ' Model of National Culture Differences 6
3.- Conclusion 7
4.- Bibliography 8

1.- Introduction
According to Hofstede definition, it is possible to develop the idea of national culture as a culture for a particular group of humans that includes systems of values and is passed down between generations by learning. (Hofstede G. H., 1980, p. 21)
Given this, the main objective of this essay is to analyse the main approaches to understanding national culture and how relevant is such an understanding to an internationalising firm.
In order to achieve this target, it will proceed to explain these approaches one by one using different examples and concluding with the importance of these for international business. 2.- Approaches to National Culture
Cross Cultural management explains the behaviour of people in organizations worldwide, helping managers and firms to understand how to act in business matters dealing with the different cultures. (Adler, 2008)
Analysing it in depth, it is possible to identify three main frameworks: Hall’s Model, which is focus in the meaning of context for the culture; Hofstede 's Model, which develop a dimensional scheme to establish cultural comparisons; and Trompenaars’s Model, which is based on seven parameters divided into three main categories: people, time and environment.…

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