Understanding Metals And Non Metals Essay

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The course of study used by me is framed by “Maharashtra state secondary and Higher Secondary education Board, pune” (MHSHSEB), India. And it is as follows;

Grade : 10

No TOPIC Section A/Science 1/Physics
1 School of elements
2 The Magic of Chemical reactions
3 The Acid Base Chemistry
4 The electric spark
5 All about Electromagnetism
6 Wonders of Light : Part I
7 Wonders of light : Part II Section B/Science 2/Chemistry & Biology
8 Understanding Metals and Non-metals
9 Amazing world of carbon compounds
10 Life’s Internal Secrets
11 The Regulators of Life
12 Mapping our Genes
13 Striving for Better Environment : Part I
14 Striving for Better Environment : Part II

This above course of study is based on the most comprehensive document National Curriculum Framework 2005 (NCF 2005). This structure provoked for change in the basic way of an educational program for the nation and gives a remarkable system to planning necessary based curriculum.

This assignment pocess a blend of types of curriculas and 4 curriculum Ideologies(M.S.Schiro, 2013) with parallel to NCF 2005. The above mentioned Course of Study provides you with clear picture of Explicit Curriculum, which is delibrately framed by the State Authority. This overt or formal curriculum compised in the form of textbooks and Guides.
The implicit curriculum/hidden curriculum for this course of study could be the various methods/pedagogies followed by different teachers. I have opted the…

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