U.s. Truman And Dwight Eisenhower Essay

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A president 's decisions while in office can make or break the country. There is an ongoing debate on whether or not there is a benefit to presidents having military service prior to being elected. Foreign policy, war, and leadership decisions can all be affected by the skills and knowledge a candidate would receive from time spent in the military. Although there have been successful presidents who had no military experience prior to holding office, military experience is essential to a president 's success as Commander-in-Chief. Certain skills that come from military experience are crucial while running the country. The article "Military Roots: Presidents Who were Veterans" states that "[Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower] exemplified the strengths of military training by proving themselves to be diplomatic, dynamic leaders in an unstable world" ("Military Roots") as if stresses the importance of military training. Eisenhower and Truman were diplomatic, dynamic and overall successful presidents in an unstable time period because of their military training gave them first hand experience in how to deal with situations and problems that may arise during one 's time in office. Although some may argue that Eisenhower and Truman were not the most successful presidents, a rating of presidential approval by Rottinghaus and Vaughn places Truman at sixth with a 76.57% approval rating and puts Eisenhower seventh with a 75.34% approval rating, Baker 2 probing that the…

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