U.s Desperate For Social Changes Essay

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U.S Desperate for Social Changes Social changes that have occurred throughout the U.S can demolish or can guide us to ameliorate our nation. John F Kennedy, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Martin Luther King etc are all people who 's visions enlightened the U.S. The suffrage of these descendants encouraged them to create a more diverse and liberated lifestyle for global citizens. They envisioned a nation with equality between brotherhood. Instead of the U.S carrying on their legacies they have seemed to fail.
A social change necessary currently should be to reform inequality and acceptance as a nation. Many think the U.S has enhanced in some areas but in fact not all. It would be devastating to many now gone presidents to see what they thought would end discrimination has not. As Congress passed some laws such as the "Civil Rights Movement" people tend to come to the conclusion that segregation and discrimination are not going on today. Discrimination between different races today is just as crucial as before but not acted upon. African-Americans and Hispanics continue live in suffrage and many disadvantages. It not at all acceptable that there has not been more of a concern as nation to create equality and become as one.
Public segregation was outlawed in 1964 and congress seem to believe that was enough for African- Americans. Since then African-Americans have still been discriminated out in public because of their skin color. Men of color are more likely to stopped,…

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