Types Of Networks For Local Area Network Essays

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Types of Networks
LAN stands for Local Area Network and it is a network that enables the connectivity of computers and devices confined within a small geographical area such as a building, college/school, or a group of buildings. The network consists of computers and peripheral devices connected to each other that connect to a local domain server. Above is an image illustrating the networking of LAN, it shows a server(s) as the central, and all the other peripheral devices, desktops, and laptops are all connected through the server. So each computer is linked to the central server.
LAN includes the following characteristics;
Networking Hardware

A networking hardware is a switch that allows a computer to communicate with other computers simultaneously. This type of network can either be wired with cables or Wi-Fi.


The server is the central system that contains all the applications and data. Servers require high computing power due to the fact it is being accessed by multiple clients simultaneously.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LAN
• Email can be sent to others on the same network, thus ensuring the messages are sent to the right recipient.

• Software and data can be shared across the network which allows multiple users to work on a project altogether.

• The network can be upgraded easily.

• A LAN network backs up your work automatically, so you are able to locate and retrieve accidentally deleted files.…

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