Types: Causes And Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

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Breast Cancer
Breast cancer is defined as the uncontrolled duplication of abnormal cells in the breast tissue. This duplication often takes place in the lining of the milk ducts or milk glands which leads to the formation of a tumor in the breast which can later spread to other parts of the body. Breast cancer can be either invasive or noninvasive, but in most cases, invasive. Invasive means that the cancerous cells grow into other, healthy tissues and spread the disease. Noninvasive means that the cancerous cells stay in the milk ducts or lobules and don’t grow to healthy tissue.
There are many symptoms of Breast cancer. The first symptom is usually a hard lump in their breast or armpit area; however, lumps aren 't always cancerous. Other symptoms include a change in the normal shape of the breast or nipple, breast tenderness or pain, weight loss, and even bone loss. There are glands in the breast called lobules that create and store milk and then thin tubes called the ducts carry the milk to the nipple.The most
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The most common way the disease is acquired is through genetics. Not only having a family history of breast cancer increase 's one 's risk but also history of Ovarian, Uterine, or Colon cancer increase a person 's risk too. There are multiple other ways to obtain the disease as well. Never having children or having a first child after reaching the age of 30 increases one 's risk of developing the cancer. Other causes include heavy alcohol consumption, being overweight, and being exposed to a large amount of radiation as a child or adult. Unfortunately, there is no sure way to prevent this cancer completely, but there are ways to lower your chances of getting it. Working out, maintaining a heathy weight, and having a balanced diet can lower your risk, but if you have a family history of breast cancer or the other cancers listed above, you may consider surgery to lower your

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