Two Worlds : Face Or Two Faced? Essay

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Two Worlds: To Face or Two-faced?

From nervously walking off a ledge only to be caught by the zipline’s ropes and pulleys, to jumping off a plank and onto a humongous inflatable mattress for some blobbing. From the blacked out, military-like obstacle course the first night we arrived, to the raging pool party that last night we stayed. From the hand-selected kayak trip bright and early that Wednesday morning for some breakfast and hot chocolate over by the water fall, to the unforgettable cabin talks my group and I would have after the daily entertaining Malibu Club meetings. And many (that is an understatement itself) more memorable activities and memories made. Let’s not forget the breath taking scenery of the ever-stunning Malibu, located at the mouth of Princess Louisa Outlet, just 100 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia. My really good friend Sophie had told me that this would be the best week of my life and she kept true to her word. After experiencing a Christmas in July with a foam party, sporting running shoes and running around in a wedding dress, nearly crying from laughter at the entertainment crew who dressed up as either space rangers and called themselves Swag, Yolo and Sherman the Merman or Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear, I never wanted that week to end. We were literally stranded in the middle of nowhere with no connection to the world since our phone services could not survive that far off and we did not complain at all like normal, modern…

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