Two Lives By Helen Naylor Essay

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Huw and Megan, the main characters of the novel “Two Lives” by Helen Naylor had a very strong relationship between them. They started out with being friends at the first, but Huw found himself falling in love with Megan. Unfortunately, Huw couldn’t tell Megan about his feelings towards her because there was a huge gap between them in their social classes. Huw wasn 't rich at all, his mother passed away when he was born. David, Huw’s father is an alcoholic addict. Huw had two brothers but they passed away too. In contrast, Megan comes from a rich family so her father didn 't agree on this love nor marriage, he didn’t want her to take a poor man or a man different from her social class. Suddenly, Huw decided to finally tell Megan about his true love for her. Luckily, Megan loved him too. Days pass by and Huw had to leave Tre Donald with his father due to his work, and they couldn’t be together anymore
After fifty years, Megan discovered a letter from Huw that her father has kept away from her. She observed that despite everything he adored her. She answered to the letter and they met after so long. At that point, she was going to marry a man named Paul, however Huw still cherished her a lot. While Megan spent more time with Huw, she recalled the true love they once shared, and she discovered that her true happiness was with Huw not Paul. Towards the end of the novel, they decided to marry each other and live together regardless of all challenges they will face.
The novel was…

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