Twelfth Night By William Shakespeare Essay

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Twelfth Night starts out with Olivia who is mourning for the death of her brother. Orsino who is the Duke of IIIyria is madly in love with Olivia. Olivia has taken a vow not to stop mourning for her brother for seven years. Meanwhile coming to Illyria is Viola who is also mourning for her brother who drowned saving her. When she arrives in town she disguises herself as Cesario to become the servant of Orsino because she cannot be one for Olivia. Maria, Sir Toby, and Sir Andrew decide to play a little trick on Malvolio who wants to move up in the world by marrying Olivia by writing a letter from “Olivia”. Antonio and Sebastian are coming to Illyria and Sebastian gets mistaken as Cesario and Antonio gets arrested and mistakes Cesario as Sebastian. I am going talk about the theme of love. Love shows itself in four different ways which are love triangle, unrequired, familiar love, and self-love. Love can also be a curse.
First, love shows itself as a love triangle. First love triangle is between Olivia, Orsino and Cesario. Orsino fell in love with Olivia very fast. Olivia does not want anything to do with him. When Cesario enters into the scenario she wants to help Orsino to get Olivia. The plan backfires when Olivia starts falling in love with Cesario. Olivia starts to advance on Cesario. “I have one heart. One bosom, and one truth, And that no woman has, nor never none Shall mistress be of it save I alone” (Gwynn, 128). Basically Cesario is telling Olivia that she cannot love…

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