Twelfth Night And A Midsummer Night 's Dream By William Shakespeare

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Gender can manifest itself in many ways in the theatre. In many of Shakespeare’s plays gender is shown through marriage or love and often not the love people think is acceptable or that ends the way the characters would like. The plays Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream written by William Shakespeare both end with the main characters paired off into couples. In these relationships Shakespeare has created couples that will ultimately be unhappy due to longing for a person they can’t have or being trapped in a marriage to a person they don’t love or trust.
Hermia and Lysander are perhaps the only couple in either of these plays that actually ends up one hundred percent happy. Technically they are under a spell to forget the night before and Lysander has been placed under the flower magic twice. Once to make him fall in love with Helena and the second time to restore his love to Hermia. However, they are the couple that was completely in love from the beginning of the play, so much so that they planned to run away together. Unlike Helena and Demetrius who only ended up in the forrest because they were attempting to stop them.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream is riddled with longing for people that are in love with another person. Helena began the play in love with Demetrius despite his lack of care for her. Meaning she has been longing for someone the longest and the knowledge that the feeling is not returned can take a toll on a person. Demetrius actually goes so far as to…

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