Magic In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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The role of Magic in A Midsummer Night’s Dream is developed between the “realistic” world and a world inhabited by sprites, fairies, and other magical creatures and forces.The main purpose of this magical world is to strengthen the idea that love is the heart of the play. We could either be in the world of fantasy in the forest or out in the equally amazing world of Athens on a midsummer eve, magic and power influence the lives of others. Reading the title of the play indicates that it was set in the midsummer, it happens on the shortest night of the year; mystical, magical feelings develop on the shortest night of the year as well.These types of people the mechanics, nobles, and fairies live in three different worlds. The wealthy people living in Athens were the nobles. The duke of Athens is Theseus, and he is to wed Hippolyta in four nights. When people have problems within their lives they go to see Theseus, because he is the duke of Athens. People feel that he can lead them in the right direction. The father of Hermia is Egeus and he is also a noble. Lysander and Hermia love one another, but in the eyes of Hermia’s father he …show more content…
This Puck character is not very efficent or reliable at handling his tasks. Like when he confuses the four lovers and puts the love potion on the wrong lover. Puck just nevers has a concious when he plays out his pranks on others. Puck likes to have many idenities some are “shrewd and knavish sprite”, “hobgoblin”, and “merry wanderer of the night”. When Puck made the mistake and thought Demetrius was Lysander, Oberon insited that Puck put the lovers together with the correct partners. Puck then decided to cast spells that would cause there to be a magical mist, so that he could lead all the lovers in one place, so that the lovers would wake up and visualy see the one that they love by imitating their voices. At the end the lovers do end up with the correct

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