Magical Realism In A Midsummer Night's Dream

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Love is like a chemical reaction, a rush of dopamine in the human brain. In Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream the psychological lens reveals how, many characters acted out in psychological distress due to a mix of love and dreams which form a potent “magic” or drug that can result in self discovery when love is blind and becomes revealed. Love is like a drug, especially in this tale of lovers. Dreams are a window to the soul and this dream could be a window into the audience's soul as well as shakespeare's personal experiences and beliefs. This magical insanity is seen through the dream as there is envy, lies, trickery and foolishness set into action by Puck as he is the root of many problems. His narration is much like one's …show more content…
Outside help is needed for true love to prosper, this shows what the author defines love as. This circle of love and jealousy where Helen loves Demetrius who loves Hermia, who loves Lysander, who ends up loving Helen can only be halted by the magic and meddling of mischievous fairies. Since all of this magic happens within the dream it portrays how dreaming is magic. How is dreaming like magic? In dreams you can fly, you can die, betray loved ones, perform inhumane acts, morph into different creatures and when you awaken the chaos disappears like magic. These life changing events are erased and you wake anew with the idea that it was “just a dream” insuring the sanity of the mind is still in tact. Dreaming is like insanity, things do not make sense, it is madness. These characters lose their minds over love, and it all happens because of magic. Awareness of self and one's surrounding is lost when the lovers become engulfed and obsessed with one another. Similar to what happens when one uses a hallucinogen. The curse relieves obsessions and opens their eyes to see the development they have accomplished through this insane dream and the quest they traveled

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