Turtle Extinction Essay

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Just Keep Swimming Loggerhead sea turtles, like other animals, were not always on the verge of extinction. By morphing the Earth’s environment, human actions have allowed extinction to become a major issue. Animals, nowadays, go extinct because of humanity’s irresponsible actions, such as pollution and deforestation. While there has been an increase in awareness, the “management actions and their evaluation for sea turtles are still frequently hindered by lack of key data on turtle biology, human–turtle interactions, turtle population status and environmental threats” (Hamann et al 246). Because of the lack of respect for the environment’s wild and marine life, humans do not realize the severity of animal extinction and all the repercussions …show more content…
The seven categories are “fisheries bycatch, resource use including legal and illegal harvest and numerous other human activities that cause turtle mortality, construction and development, ecosystem alterations, pollution, species interaction, and other factors” (297 AB Bolten et al). Some of the major factors are fisheries bycatch and the construction and development near coastal environments. Fishery bycatch are accidental occurrences that kill various species, entangling marine creatures such as the loggerheads, dolphins, and other marine species (297 AB Bolten et al). Fisheries capture and kill marine wildlife, to collect a profit. Although there is no definite proof that fisheries are a major cause of loggerhead extinction, there are a “range of strategies [that] are available that are potentially effective in lessening the impacts of fisheries on sea turtles,” some of these strategies include raising awareness and having certain marine areas protected. (254 Global Research Endangered Species). In a study, done by Rebecca L. Lewison, Sloan A. Freeman, and Larry B. Crowder, it was estimated that “60,000 to 80,000 loggerhead sea turtles are caught in the Mediterranean, [every year] based on bycatch data that [was] applicable to 80% of reported fishing efforts (Lewison 225). Fishery bycatch will continue to be a major factor in loggerhead extinction if there are no law implemented restricting bycatch in certain areas. While fishery bycatch is one of the factors for the extinction of loggerheads there are other factors also involved such as the construction and development in loggerhead habitats (Hamann 254, WWF Loggerhead 5). Construction and development affects these loggerheads by destroying their habitat. Sea turtles, such as the loggerhead must change what they eat as well as their nesting sites when terrestrial and marine ecosystems are altered (Hamann et al 254). The process in

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