Essay about Turning The Tables Of The Deaf Community

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Turning the Tables Throughout the course of history, our world has been majority hearing, which in turn makes the Deaf community a minority. However, after learning about Deaf culture you can see that Deaf people are able to “turn the tables” by making themselves the majority, and the hearing community the minority. The first demonstration of how the Deaf community can turn the tables is by using humor. One joke called “The Bar Phone” tells of a a group of Deaf people signing in a bar while a table of hearing people stare at them and mock their signs. One member of the Deaf table gets up to use the phone and signs into the receiver. When he is done, a person from the hearing table tries looking into the receiver out of curiosity. This joke was trying to humorously point out that hearing people can often be gullible and in a case like this, the joke was on them. The Deaf group was able to make the hearing person look idiotic and mock him for his actions. Another example of turning the tables in Deaf literature is the idea of “Eyeth”, a planet where most people are Deaf instead of hearing. In this story, all hearing people are considered “disabled” and have the disadvantage; they need interpreters and typically do not hold high paying jobs. In “Eyeth” being Deaf is seen as not only the ideal, but the norm and the majority. This story turns the tables and makes the hearing people have the disadvantages, instead of the Deaf community. It is a very powerful story because it…

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