Truman Capote 's Cold Blood Essay

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Truman Capote’s first non-fiction novel, “In Cold Blood”, recaps the events around the murder of the Clutter family, by focusing on the two murderers, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith. Throughout the book, Capote acknowledges the perpetrators without a bias perspective, he does this by giving the backstory of both Dick and Perry. Capote does not just focus on the murder, but instead introduces Dick and Perry as two people who made a horrible mistake and deserve sympathy. However, if you sympathize with them is completely up to you, the author does not force you one way or the other. For example, most people began to sympathize with Perry Smith, probably because throughout the book Capote subtly blames Perry’s murder on his own childhood. It’s also easier to show mercy towards someone who appears remorseful for what they’ve done, rather than someone who blames their actions and immoral acts on someone else. There are many reasons as to why people grieve more with Perry rather than with Dick, even though Perry murdered all four members of the Clutter family. Those reasons have to do with the characteristics and qualities that differ between Dick and Perry. Overall, Dick and Perry are criminals and are in prison for a specific reason or reasons, however each individual perpetrator can make the readers feel bad for them and like them or completely dislike them and their actions based off their personality, social, and physical traits, as well as other traits which make them the…

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