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Truman Capote was best known for his vivacious and eccentric way of life, as well as his works in the 20th Century. While reading his first novel ever printed by him, Other Voices, Other Rooms, the characters and story line that Capote created was one that would clearly strike a touching insolence to many readers. Not only does Capote fascinate readers with his life, but also with the heart of life and nostalgia that is created when reading any of his work.
Capote’s writing career began very prematurely and increased throughout the years of his life. Once Capote finished school, he began writing for The New Yorker and eventually started writing short stories. At the age of seventeen, magazines published many of his stories, which
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In Capote’s later years, he went on to be a success. He lived a glamorous life. He enjoyed to party and never gave a care in the world. He entertained many of the elite people in the world and on August 25, 1984, Truman Capote died of liver disease at his old friend’s house in Los Angeles, California.
Other Voices, Other Rooms is the piece work that he relates to most. In his own words, Capote says, “this symbolized my hunt for my own father, whom I hardly ever saw, and the fact that the man old man is crippled and mute was my way of conveying my own incapability to correspond with my father; I was not only the boy in the story but also the old man”(Pimpton80). It was recorded as public knowledge that Capote engulfed his stories with his own life experiences, but it was made incredibly apparent in this particular novel, with his expression and approach. One particular example would be the un-canny similarity of the main character Joel to Capote himself, “…too pretty, too delicate and fair-skinned…and a girlish tenderness softened his eyes…”(Capote4). Another method that Capote used a lot was his talent to describe a scene with incredible accuracy and portrayal, “A face shudder like a white stunning moth, smiled. She beckoned to him, shining and silver, and he knew he must go: unafraid, not hesitating, he paused only at the garden's edge where, as though he'd forgotten something,

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