Truman Capote and Perry Essay

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In Cold Blood
Close Reading and Analysis Questions
“The Last to See Them Alive”
1. How does Capote build suspense even though the reader knows the ultimate outcome from the beginning? Pg. 62 Capote builds suspense by letting us know that the Clutter’s were murdered, but he doesn’t give us all of the details from the killer’s point of view until the very end.
2. What are some details Capote provides to describe the town of Holcomb, Kansas. Pg. 3-5 The author describes Holcomb being on the “high wheat plains of western Kansas, a lonesome area that other Kansans call ‘out there’”. There’s “not much to see” with it’s prairie lands, and wheat fields. It’s a friendly town, quiet- unless there’s gossip to be heard.
3. Who is Alvin
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Because money was becoming a problem by this point, what did Dick want to do that Perry considered “the ultimate crazy man stunt”? Why? What was Dick planning to do there? Pg. 188 The ultimate crazy man stunt was to go back to Kansas City and write more bad checks. They did this because Dick had friends in Kansas City and he was confident that they would succeed.
25. Concerning the incident at the pool in Florida, as well as an earlier incident, what was Perry's attitude regarding Dick's attraction to very young girls? Pg 200 Perry thinks Dick’s attraction to young girls is absolutely disgusting, and he thinks that people need to learn how to sexually control themselves.
26. Where, and on what charges were Dick and Perry actually arrested? Why was it important to Alvin Dewey that everyone, including Dick and Perry, continue to believe that this was the reason for their arrest? Pg 213 They were picked up for parole violation and passing bad checks. It was important that they thought this was the only reason so they would be able to see their reactions and so that they couldn’t talk to each other to make up a better story. They didn’t want the public to know about it because there was a small chance that they weren’t the right guys.
27. What very important items were in the box that Perry had delivered to himself at the Las Vegas post office. Pg 214 There were two pairs of boots that matched the prints found at the crime scene.
28. What was revealed to both Dick

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