Truman And The Atomic Bomb Essays

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Harry Truman and the Atomic Bomb
There are many arguments on whether President Truman’s decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan was the right one or not. Some historians say it was completely unnecessary while others believe his decision was made to save time and lives. The past cannot be changed but personal opinions on the matter can always be changed. Whether it was the correct thing to do or not, Harry Truman had to make the biggest decision of his life when faced with dropping the bomb.
There are clearly many cons to dropping a very powerful atomic bomb on hundreds of thousands of civilians. Innocent people are not the ones who should be targeted and killed. However, Truman felt like making a statement that would be a sure fire way of getting the attention of the leaders of Japan. The Japanese seemingly did not want to follow through with America’s demand of an “unconditional surrender”. This is refuted with that if America would have been more patient and revised the demand of a total surrender, Japan would have been more cooperative with what America wanted. This result of a lack of communication and compromise could have been a huge deciding factor for Truman since he was under the impression that Japan would not budge under any circumstances. It would have been a bit of a sacrifice for America to change their plans but if the demands of the American government would have been revised, a devastating blow to Japan could have been avoided.
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