Essay Trifles, By Susan Glaspell

1789 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 8 Pages
Though the division of men and women has changed over the course of history, the effect of the initial divide can still be felt in today’s society and at the time in which Trifles, by Susan Glaspell, was written. People still hold the belief that female labor and the space is less than that of a man’s, which is why Glaspell’s work remains relevant. Men and women are divided by qualities that have no importance on their personal character. However, it is important to note the difference in how they see the world, due to the oppression of women and the role that they have been placed in. During the time that Trifles was published, women were not allowed to do the same work as men, as they were forced to do household duties and tend to the children and their husbands. Life through the eyes of a woman was not, and still is not, the same as it is through the eyes of a man. In Trifles, the female gaze is more necessary than a male’s when it comes to analyzing a woman’s actions that have taken place in a society divided by gender. In the beginning of Trifles, something important to note is the setting and how it establishes a divide. Specifically the “unwashed pans under the sink, a loaf of bread outside the breadbox, a dish-towel on the table” and “other signs of incompleted work.” Knowing that the play was published in 1916 and the story on which it is based occurred in the year 1900, it is safe to say that these incompleted tasks were that of a woman, who had to cook and clean.…

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