Traveling Through The Dark And Snodgrass ' Driving Late At Night

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Stafford’s Traveling through the Dark and Snodgrass ' Driving Late at Night are the same poem in terms of their overall content, but drastically different in their effect and form. Stafford’s poem, titled Traveling through the Dark, is both dark and ominous. It creates an eerie feeling in the reader. While Snodgrass’, titled Driving Late at Night, attempts to convey the same message, it does not achieve the same feelings due to the lack of detail throughout. The poems both present the story of a man who is driving alongside a mountain at night when he comes across a dead dear. The man decides he best course of action is to push the deer off the side of the road to prevent any accidents since the deer is in the middle of the road and the road is windy. Unfortunately, as he does so he discovers that the deer is pregnant, and the fawn inside is still alive. The driver, presented with the dilemma of possibly saving the fawn, hesitates for a moment, but ultimately decides to push them off. Both Traveling through the Dark and Driving Late at Night present the reader with the theme of choice, however Staffords is more effective because of his use of detail and imagery, when combined enhance the readers overall mood. In Stafford’s poem, there is some form of descriptive language found on every line.For example, line five in stanza two of Stafford’s poem, he states, “By glow of the tail-light I stumbled back of the car…” These words allow the reader to visualize the situation,…

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