What Is Utilitarianism Ethical?

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The brief of this project is to create a complex transmedia narrative within the boundaries of the “world” established by a set of rules distinguished by the groups undertaking this assignment. This essay will discuss the ethical issues underlining our campaign and how utilitarianism is effective in investigating the issues our campaign in centred around. We will also purpose the methods we will use to develop an ethical campaign governed by the rules set for the project. Our campaign itself aims to focus on the importance of sweatshops as a source of well-being for its workers and how shutting down some of these factories could do more destruction than good for those involved.

There are many ethical moral issues that underlying factory labour
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Lewis (2001) describes how “utilitarianism examines the consequences of actions in order to decide what is morally justified. It does this by attempting to maximize the good over the harmful consequences in order to secure the best long-term interests of the greatest number of people.” (p.41) In the context of our project, we will focus on the consequences of the factory shutdowns on the workers and their families to determine whether or not the shutdowns are having more negative consequences as the intended positives. These shutdowns are originally put into effect to protect the safety of factory workers but as Akram (2014) explains “in general higher risk jobs tend to pay relatively more wage than less risky jobs, though regular cash payments is seen as important security in conditions of extreme poverty” (p. 12). This presents an idea that many factory workers living in extreme poverty disregard safety standards if it means a steady income for their families. Arnold & Hartman (2005) goes further to say that “if persons have a right to freedom and subsistence, then, at a minimum, other persons have an obligation to refrain from interfering with those rights” (p. 212). Therefore in the terms of utilitarianism, the shutdown of factories are, in some cases, morally unjustified as they have more potentially harmful consequences for those …show more content…
To create a well- structured campaign I believe the development of a series of posters and a corresponding blog will be effective in illustrating the lives and struggles of the workers and their families. The technology will do this by developing a narrative which will contrast the lives of the factory workers before and after the factory shutdowns, to help develop the argument that shutting down these factories is not always the best option in bettering the lives of factory workers. The blogging website will be used as the main platform for information in the campaign, providing the audience with the full stories of the characters displayed on the posters and information about factory life in Bangladesh. The blog will also link the user with other campaigns that promote safety standards and worker’s rights which will aid the factory workers without completely diminishing their form of employment. The posters will be developed on Photoshop with the images sources from that available through creative commons or the photographer’s permission. As the posters being the main feature of the campaign will show a short emotive message to connect with the audience and persuade them to educate themselves further in the consequences of

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