Transformations And Changes In The Metamorphosis By Franz Kafka

Transformations are changes, whether it be physical or psychological, that alters a living organism to evolve for the better, but sometimes the worse. Everyone, past, present, and future, has gone through some sort of time in their life that made them who they are today. All it takes is one huge event to help progress the transformation further. “The Metamorphosis”, by Franz Kafka, is story about the Samsa family. The son, Gregor, and daughter, Grete, are the two main characters of the story. Each of them go through a type of transformation, except one turns for the worse and the other turns for the better.
Gregor Samsa is a young adult that works as a traveling salesman to help support his family after their business went under. Once
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to the portion of eating a meal, since Gregor’s change, the food he normally eats starts to decrease his interest, “But he soon drew back in disappointment: not only did he find it difficult to eat because of the soreness in his left side…but also because he didn’t like the milk at all, although it had once been his favorite drink.” (Ch.2 Para.2) As he evolved into the insect, his tastes in what approved to satisfy him most likely changed due to the instincts of the insect overtaking …show more content…
She hardly did any responsibilities, but once her brother transformed, Grete did as well. In the beginning of “The Metamorphosis”, Grete is seen worrying over her brother for he hadn’t been acting right for the past few days. Once she found out about Gregor’s dilemma, she started to help him. Grete fed him at first his favorite, a bowl of milk, of which he didn’t do anything with. But with him being an insect, she started to think of alternatives, “…a wide range of choices, all spread out on an old newspaper. There were old, half-rotten vegetables; bones left over from dinner, covered with a congealed white sauce…and a slice with butter and salt.” (Ch.2 Para.7) At least at this point she wants to help Gregor feel more comfortable. Grete keeps up with caring for Gregor, but at some point she starts to see Gregor as the monstrous insect that he is. With this statement it proves her point, “Maybe you don’t realize it, but I do. I refuse to utter my brother’s name in the presence of this monster, and so all I got to say is: we’ve got to try and get rid of it.” (Ch.3 Para.17) From this, Grete is very adamant on not being involved anymore with the insect, whom she won’t associate with Gregor’s name. She thinks there is no way to bring her brother back to the family. Taking on a responsibility, for the first time, to care for a close family member will cause someone to

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