Transcendentalism : The Transcendentalist Movement Essay

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Approximately two centuries have elapsed since the dissipation of a movement that completely transformed American culture. However, even after such prolonged time the influences scarred into the culture of American society from the Transcendentalist Movement still beam lively. The art of the Transcendentalists was an inclination towards the exploration and reforming of current beliefs of that era on spiritualism, literacy, and philosophy. “A religious, philosophical, and literary movement, Transcendentalism arose in New England…” (Milne 836-858). Furthermore, the Transcendentalist Movement was not originated during the interval of one day. Contrarily, Transcendentalism was given birth through the diverging and evolution of an already existing Unitarian group that shared similar beliefs on practicing individualism and enlightenment. However, the Transcendentalist emerged due to the fact that the Unitarians were much too simplistic and substandard in the aspect of developing their philosophies. Therefore, Unitarians were a basis towards a new vigorous group that would practice the same ideologies more successfully. “Transcendentalism began…When a group of Boston ministers, one of whom was Ralph Waldo Emerson, decided that the Unitarian Church had become too conservative, they espoused a new religious philosophy, one which privileged the inherent wisdom in the human soul over church doctrine and law.” (Milne 836-858) Analyzing the occurrences and historical context of the…

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