Transcendentalism And The Second Great Awakening Essay

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In the nineteenth century, Transcendentalism and the Second Great Awakening were responses to the eighteenth century Market Revolution. Opportunities became available to society which led to the growth of the American people. This paper will argue the significant impact to which caused changes in America society as a result of these two movements. The Market Revolution began to take over the United States in the eighteen century. American innovations changed the way people were transported both domestically and industrially. The development of American technology transformed how commodities were being processed it also helped America become a more productive society. These new traditions of transporting goods connected small towns to the rest of the world. The use of boats and railroads altered how products were being exchanged locally and internationally. Richard invented the steam boat which made it easier to travel along streams. Shipping was much cheaper and easier for the Southerners. The advantages of market revolution were the fast pace in which products were transported. The disadvantages were the costly repairs associated with the maintenance of the stations and equipment. Even though the slave trade ended during the Market Revolution however, slavery continued in majority of the southern states. White Americans were given the opportunity to take advantage of the revolution by purchasing and working their land for products to sell. Women and blacks however,…

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