Transatlantic Slave Trade Research Paper

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Mr. Schwab
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05 May 2016
Middle leg vs. Final leg what greater impact on Enslaved Africans
During the Transatlantic Slave Trade did the middle passage or the final leg have the most effect on Enslaved Africans?
The Transatlantic slave also known as the Triangular trade, trade began around the 15th century, when the African and the Europeans started to cooperate together for profit, spices, and laborers. This came to play when the Portuguese started to explore to west coast of Africa. Most people don 't really have a clue about how the Enslaved Africans must have felt. However, I 'm here today to give you that information.
The number of slaves being captured started of small as hundreds then it turned into thousands.
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On the final leg European ships returned home with cargos full of sugar, rum, tobacco, and other items. The majority of those Africans were sold to work on plantations. Merchants( a person involved in a trade dealing with foreign countries.) carried sugar, molasses, cotton, and other goods such as furs, salt fish, and rum made from molasses.
These goods were shipped to Europe, where they were traded at a profit for the European commodities that merchants need to return to Africa. Basically the Final Leg of the Transatlantic slave trade was just importing and exporting goods across seas from the Americas back to Europe to finish the Triangular trade also on the final leg the Enslaved Africans that survived the Middle Passage also known as the second leg, would have to work and labor until they died or gotten sick. Some of the products became loads into the European production emerged from this
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He was also the son of an African tribe leader. When he was 11 years old, Equiano was seized from his Nigerian village by slave traders. He was then transported as human cargo from West Africa to the Americas. The transatlantic slave trade. He would also refer to the Africans taken as free people and then forced into slavery in south America, Caribbean and North America. He was one out of the 10 to 12 million Africans who were sold into slavery. They were traded more than once African merchants, the poor, and royalty anyone could be abducted in the raids and was undertaken by Africans to secure slaves that they could trade. The transatlantic slave trade had three legs the first, middle passage, and final leg. Middle passage which I think had the most impact on Enslaved Africans caused many people on the ship to did crazy things. The Atlantic Ocean was basically a cemetery to some of the Enslaved Africans when some jumped off are thrown off by others are by the workers that was shipping them to the New

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