Trains Are One Of The Oldest And Essential Source Of Transportation

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Trains are one of the oldest and essential source of transportation. One big machine produces massive power to pull the mass 8 or 10 times of its mass on steel tracks and transports it to thousands of mile between the cities. Steam engines power the trains in its initial stages. Now, Diesel Engines and Electric power trains are used.
There are four forces acts on a train. One of them is its weight which balanced by the typical reaction of the tracks. The third one is the thrust force produced by the locomotives which move the train forward, and the fourth one is the combination of air resistance and the rolling friction between wheels and the railway tracks. There is another force called Centrifugal force act on a train when it takes turns. This force tends the train to run straight, but this force is overcome by the Centripetal force which is applied to the track on the train wheels. Also, this force is avoided by making slow turns. Another force is the inertial force which tends to move the train when there is no thrust force by the engines. An inertial force acts as a centripetal force when a train makes a turn.
The fundamental purpose of trains is mass transportation. This is also the reason that the train has steel tracks and steel wheels instead of rubber like the cars and trucks. In cars and trucks with rubber tires, the energy required per unit weight increases as the weight of the car or truck increases but in the case of trains with steel railroads and steel…

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