Friar Lawrence To Blame In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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In the story Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, many tragic deaths occur that can be prevented. Especially Juliet’s death, where she kills herself. Although she did kill herself, she is not responsible for her death. I believe that Friar Lawrence is responsible for her death. Throughout the story, he makes many dumb and impulsive choices which results in the loss of Juliet. EXPAND ON FINAL First of all the Friar should have tried to end the family feud between the Montagues and Capulets a different way. He decided that marrying Romeo and Juliet was the best way to end the feud, thinking that their kids marrying each other would create peace. He should not have done that. The Capulet family wants Juliet to marry a man named Paris, and if they randomly find out she has been married to another guy without their consent they could get very angry; especially because it’s a man from the family they despise. The Friar should have never secretly married them. There is no doubt that it will cause problems because the families have a feud, and even worse, the Capulets …show more content…
People may say this because she killed herself, but the reason she killed herself was not her fault. Put in perspective that Juliet is a thirteen year old girl, she still is very young and can’t control her emotions as well as a full grown adult can. In the story, Juliet goes through many tragic events within a couple of days. her cousin dies, the nurse betrays her, her parents flip at her, her parents want her to marry a guy she doesn’t love, and the boy she loves dies right in front of her eyes. That situation is very tough for a thirteen year old girl to handle. The Friar should have never even put her in the situation to marry Romeo. Marrying Romeo is what caused Tybalt’s death, and helped her decision to not love Paris. If the Friar never got involved, none of the tragic events would have happened. It is his fault for Juliet’s

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