Tragedy In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

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Death in a person’s life can effect who they become as an individual. The first book, “Krik? Krak!” is a Haitian American fiction book, written by Edwidge Danticat and takes place in Village of Ville Rose or Port-au-Prince in Haiti. This fiction book contains nine stories and one epilogue. All of the stories are meant to resemble Haitian women and the everyday struggles they face. The second book, “Things Fall Apart” is a postcolonial critique tragedy, written by Chinua Achebe and takes place in Nigerian villages, Iguedo and Mbanta. In this tragedy book it demonstrates the Nigerian life culture and the struggles the women face. The main character Okonkwo holds the major role of power throughout the nine villages. These two books connect through demise because in “Krik? Krak!” Celianne who is the pregnant women on the boat looses her baby and then commits suicide due to the sorrow she felt and this relates to “Things Fall Apart” when Okonkwo kills his adopted son Ikemefuna and then also deals with great sorrow and depression.

In “Krik? Krak!” the pregnant women Celianne is defeated by demise due to her child’s death after giving birth, because the sorrow she feels is too
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After Okonkwo kills Ikemefuna his depression starts to get immense. The narrator shows Okonkwo feeling regret when he says, "He did not sleep at night. He tried not to think about Ikemefuna, but the more he tried the more he thought about him."(Achebe 63). Okonkwo is defeated as a person when he regrets killing his adopted son. The murder of Ikemefuna causes Okonkwo to have sleep deprivation due to his guilty conscience. Demise in this novel effects Okonkwo majorly and causes him to have great depression and sorrow in his life. As shown above, a persons death can cause another persons conscience to drift off

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