Traffic Safety And Car Accidents Involving Children During The Holidays

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This visual analysis is to raise public awareness about traffic safety and car accidents involving children during the holidays. In order to help explain the negligence of distracted driving, this ad became one of the world’s most successful advertisements for good causes and building a better world. It is also recognized as part of the ACT Responsible Collection. ACT is a non-profit organization whose goal is to federate, promote and inspire responsible communication all over the world. The evidence from this ad uses a strong sense of pathos to make an emotional appeal to the audience. The mood of the print is one of surprise and a feeling of suspense, shock and horror. This effectiveness persuades the audience to make every moment of the ad an opportunity for awareness. Advertising Agency: Red Pepper of Ekaterinburg, Russia (Ekaterinburg City Administration) along with Photographer: Kate Baonby (EKBURG.AU) were among the many that participated in the creativity of the ad. This agency is known for advertisements in more than 100 cities in Russia for new-media and non-traditional advertising tools.
Let’s imagine the husband is running late to his family reunion for the holidays. While driving a vehicle he is using one hand to steer the driving wheel and the other hand talking on a cell phone. He then looks at his wife who is sitting in the passenger seat looking at him while holding a map in front of her face with one hand and the other hand shaped in the…

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