Essay Traditional Organized Crime And Illicit Drug Trade

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. Define the term traditional organized crime, and discuss how it pertains to the illicit drug trade. The term traditional organized crime is most commonly associated with Italian criminal groups or La Cost Nostra, or better known as the mafia (Lyman, 2014). Most traditional crime family’s got started during the prohibition era. During this time they created a multi-million dollar bootlegging business that included illegal sales or alcohol and racketeering (Lyman, 2014). Since then, the mafia has been able to establish a sophisticated criminal network that focuses on the manufacturing, distribution and trafficking of illegal drugs. Although not all families engage in illicit drug trade, the majority does (Lyman, 2014). The mafia’s first primary illicit drug of choice to trade was heroin. They have since incorporated the trade of marijuana and cocaine. The mafia plays such a large role in the heroin industry, that it is estimated the organization profits over 40 million dollars a year from trafficking the drug. They use their international and domestic connections to span over a large market. They also use legitimate business to help create a front for their lucrative behavior, The mafia not only continues to play a large role in the drug industry, but they are still prominent it other criminal activities. The mafia families are engaged in loan sharking, illegal gambling operations, money laundering operations, and a various array of other illegal business enterprises…

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